All too often, California’s housing crisis impacts another one of our Yolo County neighbors. For Kelly, an attempt to welcome a roommate to help with rent tugged at the thread that left him homeless and hopeless.

Kelly had been living in his apartment for about nine years, and as the rent increased, he needed a roommate to pitch in. “I gave it a chance,” says Kelly, “And my roommate took everything I had,” including 33 years of sobriety.

Unknowingly drugged, Kelly’s roommate depleted his savings and stole his property, leaving him with next to nothing. “All I have left is my cell phone, my clothes, and a couple of possessions that I prize,” he says. “It was a pretty traumatic thing to go through with the verbal and physical abuse. I was in a really bad space.” Kelly was broken inside with no place to go.

Since 1985, Fourth & Hope has been an essential service provider for our most vulnerable neighbors at the time they need us most. And your support today of $25, $50, $100, or more can help individuals like Kelly stay off the streets, have a safe place to go, and start over.

It hasn’t been a linear path for Kelly – it rarely is for folks experiencing homelessness – but after a year of bouncing back and forth between the street and the shelter, he’s committed to relying on the program at Fourth & Hope to take the next step forward. “I had the desire to get help but didn’t know how, and Fourth & Hope guided me in the right direction. I’m starting to get clarity on certain parts of my life now,” admits Kelly.

Like so many at the shelter, Kelly’s ultimate goal is to get back to stable housing. Our team at Fourth & Hope has helped him obtain a new birth certificate, sign up for housing,and connect him with mental health services. Kelly is benefiting from thestructure and support available at our emergency shelter. He says thathe’s taking it “a day at a time and trying to do the right stuff. Keep upwith my chores, and keep up with taking care of myself.”


Last month, Kelly received the news he was accepted and moved into our new campus housing! This community is made up of 61 brightly colored modular units that sit next to our emergency shelter. The housing program includes case management services and permanent residency, meaning Kelly along with 74 other residents now has a place to call home…forever.

When asked how he felt moving into his new home, Kelly said “I cried. I can start over. This is an opportunity. It’s not an end, it’s a beginning.” And when asked what he’d say to the staff that has helped him onto the path back to stable housing, he said holding back his tears simply: “Gratitude. Gratitude.”

There have been thousands of Yolo County residents like Kelly who found themselves living on the streets, and for 37 years Fourth & Hope has been there, 365 days a year. From food and shelter to treatment and housing, your support provides these life-changing services.Every dollar that goes to Fourth & Hope makes a vital difference in the life of a homeless individual. Because of you, last year 280 individuals received overnight shelter service,142 people were placed in housing, and 50,000 meals were served. Thank you!

This holiday season, please consider donating. Just $20 provides a homeless neighbor a night of shelter (staffed 24/7), a warm bed, three nutritious meals, clean restrooms and showers, laundry, and an onsite case management team. We thank you for your continued commitment to our lifesaving work. Together, we’ll continue to change lives and build toward a healthier community.

Thank you! God bless your good heart, and Merry Christmas!

Doug Zeck
Executive Director


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