Nearly 40 volunteers helped Fourth & Hope plant trees over the Memorial Day Weekend around the perimeter of the East Beamer Neighborhood Campus and permanent supportive housing community located at 1901 E. Beamer St.

According to a Fourth & Hope press release, the Woodland Tree Foundation designed the tree landscape, selected the tree varieties, led the planting project and assisted the volunteers as team leads. The tree saplings will grow up to 75 feet high and provide much-needed shade on the campus.

“Our amazing community came together over a holiday weekend to help our neighbors in need and make our housing community a better place to live. We can’t thank them enough,” stated Development and Marketing Manager of Fourth & Hope Dawn Brown.

The housing community is comprised of 61 units that are now home to individuals with a disability and who experienced homelessness in Yolo County. In February, it was announced that all of the permanent supportive housing units aimed at attacking homelessness at the shelter were fully occupied.

These units represent a key piece of the East Beamer Neighborhood Campus project, an innovative development that offers different types of shelter and service components to address homelessness and help vulnerable residents stay safe, healthy and ultimately achieve housing stability.

Fabricated locally by Woodland’s own Cutting Edge Modular and opened at the end of 2022, these “tiny homes” provide dignified shelter while those in need work to improve their circumstances. The 400-to-500-square-foot units come fully furnished, with support from on-site staff and regular case management from Fourth & Hope, Yolo County, and its service partner Hope Cooperative.

The East Beamer Neighborhood Campus provides temporary and permanent housing for 160 people.

In early 2024 an expanded Walter’s House, the residential substance use disorder treatment program, will open its door to 60 people. The shelter held a groundbreaking of the new and expanded Walter’s House in early April that was attended by community members, the Yolo County Board of Supervisors and the Woodland City Council.

The facilities will cluster around a shared green, a garden, and a community center.


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Fourth & Hope’s mission is to feed, clothe, shelter, and facilitate recovery for those in need and to show the love of Jesus Christ in words and actions. Fourth & Hope provides a safe, welcoming environment to all and does not discriminate against any protected classes. The organization operates under Charitable Choice, where everyone is welcome.

They provide a continuum of care for the hungry and homeless by moving them from the streets to stability in Woodland and Yolo County. Fourth & Hope is a community – a faith-based organization with more than 38 years of experience in providing services and facilities that benefit the homeless populations of Yolo County.

The three program areas are shelter, treatment, and housing.

The Woodland Tree Foundation is a non-profit organization run by volunteers dedicated to improving Woodland through the planting of trees. Their motto: Building Community Through Canopy. Their goals: Educate, Plant, and Partner.


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