You may have seen some recent activity near the corner of County Road 102 and E. Beamer St. The City of Woodland has begun developing a 1.25-acre parcel of city-owned land for the purpose of constructing a new emergency homeless shelter. The site when finished will have a permanent building and four modular trailers. The construction is expected to be completed by early November, and Fourth & Hope will be able to begin to operate the new location soon after.

The 6,500 square foot permanent building will have the capacity for 100 adults – men and women, and include a reception-management office separate from the rest of the facility. There will be three offices suitable for case management, individual counseling, and office staff. The building will have a multipurpose dining/meeting space and an outdoor courtyard with a capacity of 50 people.

The four commercial modular trailers will have access to ramps and stairs. Two of the trailers will provide for separate men’s and women’s bathrooms. Each bathroom trailer has 5 compartments and each compartment contains a sink, toilet, and shower. One of the compartment bathrooms in each trailer will be ADA accessible. A laundry trailer with 8 washers and 8 dryers will be installed, along with a full-service kitchen trailer, with the capacity to serve up to 300 meals a day.

With individual shelter clients being served at this new location, there will still be a need for housing families. We are working with community partners to develop a plan to provide services for homeless families at the existing facility, located at 207 Fourth Street. Supportive case management services will be provided at what we anticipate will be a 24/7 family bridge housing location.

These are some big changes for Fourth & Hope. We are working in partnership with the City of Woodland officials, and Friends of the Mission, and you, our community of supporters. Whether you are a volunteer, a community member, a donor – or all three – we are grateful to have you with us as we navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic and this move to a larger location. Your support of this work is a daily inspiration.


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