Welcome to Hope’s Got Talent (HGT)!

HGT is an online talent show benefiting Fourth & Hope!*

HGT’s competition is open to anyone (yes, including your pets). Contestants are asked to showcase their “talent” in a one-minute video and post it to their Facebook and/or Instagram page. Here’s the fun part, you get to challenge your family, friends, classmates, co-workers, or even your long-standing rival to compete!

HGT is not limited to individuals, in fact, we invite groups to get in on the fun! Friendly competition between schools, companies (departments within a company), church groups, well you get the picture, are highly encouraged.

You may be wondering how your talent is judged. Well, we can assure you, Simon will not be a judge. The video that receives the most social media likes WINS. Win what you ask? OK, it’s not a million dollars or a show in Vegas, BUT it is a $100 gift card, thanks to one of our donors!

Here’s the best part… HGT will run throughout the year and we’ll announce a winner per quarter! The next winning video will be selected on January 7, 2022!

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Here’s what to do in 6 easy steps:

1. Sign up for HGT (below). The entry fee is $10. Proceeds go directly to Fourth & Hope.

2. Record your talent in a one-minute video. 

3. Copy the sample posting below. Make sure to include #HopesGotTalent.

4. Upload your video and post to your Facebook and/or Instagram page.

5. Encourage your followers to like your video.

6. Challenge and name someone to compete in the contest and voilà!

And now for the rules:

1. Videos must be family-friendly, please.

2. All talent is welcome except for dangerous acts or anything that may harm you or your furry friends.

3. We encourage you to enter as many videos as you would like. Please keep in mind each video is a $10 entry fee.

Sample post to post (pun certainly intended):

Hey family and friends! I’m a contestant on Hope’s Got Talent (HGT)! HGT is an online talent show benefiting Fourth & Hope. Please like my video and donate. The winner is determined by the number of likes and will receive a $100 gift card (thanks to a donor). To donate and enter the talent show visit fourthandhope.org/hopesgottalent. Thank you! #HopesGotTalent

*Fourth & Hope helps move people from the streets to stability. We are a faith-based organization with more than 35 years of experience serving people in Woodland and Yolo County who are in need of housing and food. Our three primary programs are Homeless Services, Treatment, and Housing. Learn more about us at fourthandhope.org