“The greatest suffering is being lonely, feeling unloved, having no one. I have come more and more to realize that it is being unwanted that is the worst disease that any human being can ever experience.”  – Mother Teresa


At Fourth & Hope, the success of our clients is always a cause to celebrate. It is so hard to see men, women, and children in our own community go through these unimaginable struggles. These stories help inspire us to move forward with our mission to change lives. We offer help to every person who comes through our doors with hope for that day when homelessness is behind them for good.


Richard was sleeping in his car after being evicted from his house. In fear of being towed and losing his ‘home’, he found his way to Fourth & Hope. He worked on his case plan while looking for a job. Fourth & Hope helped him connect with Yolo Community Care Continuum (YCCC) and secured stable housing. Richard also became a Fourth & Hope volunteer.


Maria was an Air Force veteran who battled with alcoholism. She lost her job, house, had health setbacks, and was in a destructive relationship. Feeling hopeless Maria made a call to a V.A. suicide hotline. She was offered an inpatient treatment bed at Walter’s House. Through the extensive program and support by the staff, she is now living in her own apartment.


Monica was homeless when she gave birth to her third child. While pregnant she used drugs and her daughter was removed from her custody by the authorities. Monica was admitted into a residential treatment program for 90 days, but the funding for treatment ended leaving her homeless once again. Soon after she checked into Fourth & Hope and worked diligently with her case manager and social worker. She was removed from probation, reunited with her baby daughter, and moved into a new apartment. Monica is very grateful to Fourth & Hope.


Michael returned to Fourth & Hope when he found himself homeless for a second time. He worked with local agencies to gain stable housing and followed his case plan. He recognized his need to stay busy and give back, which led him to be a shelter volunteer while attending meetings and appointments. Michael found permanent housing and he continues to volunteer at Fourth & Hope.


Staying at Fourth & Hope for almost a year Jonnie and Kyron worked closely with their case manager to complete their case plan. Through the success of the program, they found jobs, learned to budget, and saved funds, while making sure their children attended school daily. They now have an apartment to call their own and are so grateful for the people and programs at Fourth & Hope.


Shelia, a single mom, came to us hoping to regain housing and stability in her life. Once at Fourth & Hope, she re-connected with her children for the first time in more than a year and began working on a plan toward stability. The team at Fourth & Hope helped her locate housing and offered her the support she needed. She was able to establish income, regain purpose, responsibility, and direction. Shelia is now a volunteer for Fourth & Hope.


Family members were caring for Lisa’s two children as she was “in the busy world of doing nothing” with drug and alcohol addiction. She entered the treatment program at Walter’s House and took part in six classes a day, chores, individual counseling, and attended 12-step meetings. Lisa worked on overcoming her feelings of shame and guilt and after the 90-day program, she found housing, a job, and is now a volunteer at Walter’s House. She is working on reuniting with her family and doesn’t want her children to “ever see her like that again.”


Ruby and her young son fled from domestic violence by connecting with Empower Yolo and staying in their safe house for two months. She needed to find a safe place to stay that offered sober living as she had just completed a drug rehabilitation program the year before. Ruby also needed to finish high school, find a job, a home, and long term stability. With help from her social worker, she found Fourth & Hope. Over the next four months, she worked on her program plan, attended N.A. meetings, found a job, and learned to trust herself and God. Soon after Ruby moved into her very own apartment. She is now working on her high school diploma through Woodland Adult Education and has plans to enroll in community college this fall. She wants to study psychology or law. She reads to her son every day and is committed to seeing that he finishes school and gets any and every degree that’s out there.